About us

A little bit about us...

We are a family run business run by a father and two sons with over a decade of experience in the trade. We started out fixing cars from the back of our family car on customers’ driveway and on the road. After just couple hard years working part-time, we moved into a small, single ramp garage where after three years, our demand and success gave us the confidence to expand and invest in a bigger premises where we are currently located.

We now serve Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham and Horley.

Unlike most garages, we love what we do! And unlike other garages, this means we will go the extra mile. We will do everything we can to suit your schedule and do the job to an unbeatable standard. 

With our extensive qualifications and experience, there is not much we don’t do. We are continuously investing in new technologies to stay current in the motor industry.

We believe that if you do something, do it right and do it your best. With the advancement of technology, vehicles on the road are becoming more and more complex and integrated into our lives than ever before. That is why we will continue to invest in new technologies and knowledgebase so that we are on top of our game.

We also believe that our customers are our future. From day-1, we have prioritised our customers’ needs. Never have we switched-off our phones, even after hours. Someone will always be there for you. We do everything and anything we can to ensure you can get on with the more important things than be held back by the hassle of getting your vehicle back on the road. 

You’re in safe hands.